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Project Implementation Planning

Whereas a project design provides a broad picture of what the project looks like, and what it aims to achieve (as set out in the theory of change) and an indicative project budget, the implementation plan is more detailed and more focused on the management of inputs (funds, people, other resources).

Laos Community Health Consultation

A project implementation document or plan is developed in the inception phase of a project when the project team is being mobilised and recruited, and more details emerge as to costs, availability of inputs, the workability of the approach, and other factors.

Alongside an operations manual, this core document guides management on how inputs are to be used and provides a detailed work plan of management and project activities, costs and schedules against which the project will report and be accountable.

A project implementation plan is a dynamic document that is updated to ensure the project remains relevant and responsive to donor and beneficiary needs and to account for changes in context, circumstances, direction, and budget.


Mandy Whyte’s insistence on thorough planning meant our projects and people did not wander off track. We remained on budget and delivered on time.

Michael Burden IDSS Ltd, Managing contractor

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