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Policies, Strategies and Reports

Future Partners helps organisations prepare or update policies, strategies, business plans, operations manuals and other core documents, and write reports.

To guide an organisation’s policies, strategies, plans and manuals and help them decide what to include, we can conduct research tailored to meet each client’s requirements.

Kirsty Burnett with Samoan Ministry of Agriculture extension staff, trials for cocoa seeds, 2018

Our policies and strategies service involves:

  • identifying the purpose and audience of a new or revised policy or strategy and what resources are available to implement it

  • reviewing existing documents to understand the background and current situation as well as any rationale or recommendations

  • mapping the process to develop the new or revised policy or strategy; assigning tasks to our team and our client’s team; supervising the work; and ensuring the quality of the policy or strategy

  • consulting with relevant people on the new or revised policy or strategy, through workshops and other processes

  • drafting documents, such as board papers, to help organisations get their new policies and strategies approved

  • ensuring other parts of our client’s operations, such as job descriptions, remain coherent with new policies and strategies

  • advising our client on how to implement the new policy, strategy plan or manual, and training its staff to use them.

Read about how our policies and strategies service has given organisations direction, helped them run smoothly and defined their raison d'être.


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