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Lisa Sheppard

Lisa is a highly-experienced policy professional with over 20 years of experience

managing cross-government policy teams in a wide range of complex and high-profile

domestic and international policy areas. These range from Climate Change, Oceans

Policy, Pollution and Waste, Trade Negotiations, Aviation and Transport Policy and

Organic Production.

Her original academic background in science, she holds a B.A., B.Sc. and a Master is

Environmental Studies from Victoria University Te Herenga Waka. She is an expert

analyst who likes to create rigorous structure, systems and clear expectations for her

teams to work within. Her work experience in New Zealand includes stints at the Ministry for the Environment, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, Civil Aviation Authority and the Ministry of Transport. Since 2018 that has undertaken contract assignments with the Pacific Aviation Safety Office (PASO) to provide assistance to Pacific Island (Kiribati, Niue, Tuvalu and Vanuatu) Civil Aviation Authorities to meet their regulatory obligations specified by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO). Lisa is a firm belief that good policy needs to be based on a sound understanding of not just technical subject matter issues but also the perspectives and views of wider groups of the private sector and community stakeholders who will be impacted.

Lisa is also experienced in the private sector, having built and managed her own

successful air and ground transport operation in Golden Bay, together with her partner.

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