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Alice Leney

For the past 30 years, ‘Alice’ Leney has been working across virtually all of the Pacific

Islands, helping them deal with their waste problems. In 1995, Alice wrote Rubbish No

More, a waste handbook for the Pacific Islands, which was widely distributed amongst

NGOs the Pacific as (back then) waste was clearly a growing—but ignored—issue. He

then set up a business operating around the Pacific offering coral reef protection through the installation of mooring buoys and solar power installations.

From 2002 to 2005 Alice worked to design and implement a deposit/refund recycling

system for Kiribati, working alongside the Kiribati government, a local NGO (FSP

Kiribati), and multilateral donors. The simple system devised (which is still operating

commercially today) became a template for other small island states in the region. He

subsequently worked across the FSM states and the Marshall Islands to set up similar

recycling systems. He also designed and implemented a pre-paid garbage bag system

for South Tarawa, 'The Green Bag', which has provided a model for other small island

and development states (SIDS) trying to build sustainable waste collection systems.

Alice has worked in a variety of consulting and technical assistance contracts dealing

with waste management and recycling issues, with development agencies including

MFAT, UNDP, SPREP, ADB, JICA & WHO. He brings many years of on-the-ground

experience of project design, implementation and management to his work. He has

consulted widely on waste oils, e-waste, atoll landfill problems, as well as recycling


Alice comes from an engineering background and, as such, takes a very practical

approach to finding solutions that must be simple, effective, and designed for local

conditions. He lives off-grid in New Zealand with a collection of vintage motorcycles kept in constant running order, and makes a point of periodically taking long journeys by vintage motorcycle, sometimes of several months across continents (where his problem-solving skills come in very handy!).


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