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Invasive Species Management in the Pacific

A comprehensive “how to” document was produced (mainly intended for practitioners),

describing the best practices in invasive species control/management and eradication

and biosecurity. It advocates for an inclusive approach so the user can benefit from

resources available in the Pacific region and beyond, thus avoiding duplication and

maximising cost-benefits. The new Guidelines are intended to remain valid for at least

ten years.

Here is a link to the report: Link

What and how we did it

An expert panel, including representatives from the Pacific Regional Invasive Species Management Support Service (PRISMSS) and the South Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP), compiled their inputs structured around an early version of the document; and through face to face negotiation/virtual meetings Dr Greg Sherley led the production of an updated/modernised version of the “Guidelines”. The agreed version will be tendered to the formal inter-governmental Meetings of the SPREP and Pacific Community (SPC) who should formally endorse the document, hence validating the Guidelines as the approved modus operandi for work on invasive species and biosecurity in the Pacific region.

Benefit for partners (or the client)

The Guidelines will benefit and be formally endorsed by all countries and territories of the Pacific region plus provide guidance to the six PRISMSS partners (which include SPREP and SPC). Countries (such as New Zealand) and agencies actively funding invasive species and biosecurity work in the region are also included. All negotiations

completed and all editing completed ready for format / copy editing for e-distribution in 2023.

What the client had to say/feedback

Completely satisfied with the process and quality of product.

Review and Re-Write Guidelines for Invasive Species Management in the Pacific

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