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Hannah Stewart

Hannah is based in Wellington, New Zealand. She has a passion for working in the

Pacific and seeing locally-owned development initiatives come to fruition. Hannah has

extensive experience developing key partnerships in the international development

sector and values opportunities to engage with local partners. Hannah has worked

widely across Melanesia, including three years living in Papua New Guinea.  She brings

strengths in programme development and management, strategic and operational policy development, international development governance, and contract management. Hannah brings energy, enthusiasm and a sense of purpose to all she does and works equally well inspiring and managing a team, as she does on her own.

Hannah has worked for UNICEF Aotearoa NZ, the Pasifika Medical Association, Volunteer Service Abroad (VSA), and the Hutt City Council. She has also been involved on a voluntary basis with the governance of a New Zealand international development NGO.

Hannah has a Bachelor of Commerce & Administration double major in Human Resource Management/Industrial Relations & Management, a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, and a Post Graduate Diploma in International Development (all from Victoria University - Te Herenga Waka).

When she’s not working, Hannah is generally found running around after her two young

daughters, trying to encourage them to love the outdoors as much as she does.

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