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Emergency Alliance: Helping when Disaster Strikes

We support our Associates following their passions outside of Future Partners. Paul Brown, a governance specialist and strategic advisor with a big heart for collaboration is also Executive Director at Emergency Alliance.

Emergency Alliance was recently formed to bring together eight humanitarian organisations to jointly fundraise for significant global emergencies.  Funds raised on the platform are allocated to responding members, using a robust algorithm.  The model is based on similar joint appeal mechanisms operating in 13 other countries.

Launched in March 2023, Emergency Alliance launched its first appeal raising funds for the Gaza Humanitarian Crisis in November 2023.  The appeal proved the benefits of working together – it enables members to target their own supporters while the joint appeal focuses on attracting donors who are new to giving to international aid.

“When disaster strikes, everyone has been competing to get their messages out” explained Paul. “But too many voices can make it hard to know how to help or who to trust. By working and speaking together, we’ll be able to raise the alarm and present an expert, consistent and united message. We make it easy to donate and reduce the confusion the public face when wanting to help.  New Zealanders can rely on the Emergency Alliance for a trusted perspective on international emergencies”.

Paul is a big believer in driving collaboration.  In an earlier role he worked across 14 different members of ChildFund Alliance to set a global code for cooperation, known as “The Principles of Working Together as One”.  He applied the same ethos to New Zealand’s leading humanitarian agencies, describing this in an interview with Radio New Zealand, and how as one of the CEOs in the sector, he and his peers were blinkered by the donations they were missing.

"Previously we had behaviours that probably weren't that constructive. The more noise we made, we convinced ourselves the more money we'd raise. What ensued then was a race to the bottom to see who could spend the most money to raise the most money."

"The public was getting quite tired of this, and saying, 'why don't you put your energies towards the emergency, rather than trying to attract eyeballs on TV or listeners or advertise online?"

Emergency Alliance presents an innovative way to resolving this, and with it, increasing impact when it is needed most

You can support Emergency Alliance by donating to their current appeals.


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