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Tuvalu Fisheries Support Programme

New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trades (MFAT)’s four-year plan for Tuvalu includes support for the fisheries sector. Before phase 2 of its Fisheries Sector Programme, MFAT commissioned a ‘design report’ to present options for work in the second phase. Once the business case was approved, a complete design document was needed based on the approved option.

TFD staff after debrief workshop, 2020

What we did

In 2020, Kirsty Burnett and Ian Cartwright met with government, private sector and community stakeholders in Tuvalu to confirm their priorities for interventions to support the fisheries sector as set out in the Department of Fisheries’ Corporate Plan.

They presented their findings the Tuvalu Fisheries Department, MFAT and other stakeholders, also with the draft list proposed interventions and indicative costings.

COVID-19 travel restrictions meant that the workshop of the final Activity design and Q&A session was done remotely.

How we did it

Kirsty and Ian provided:

  • An analysis of the Corporate Plan objectives, by activities and key performance indicators (KPIs) against support by the various development partners. This provided clarity who was supporting what, and ensured no overlaps or gaps.

  • A rationale for the particular intervention setting out the problem, the issues and the proposal and its justification. This approach ensured the audience had information to understand what was being proposed, given that MFAT officials are not fisheries experts, and highlighted the best indicators of success in making improvements to the MERL Framework during implementation.

Benefit for partners (client)

An Activity Design, with MERL Framework and budget, aligned with the Tuvalu Fisheries Department’s Corporate Plan. The first step of the design report set out viable options for MFAT to consider and provided sufficient information that MFAT was able to produce a business case for approval quickly. Following the decisions that flowed out of the business case, a full Activity Design was straight-forward to prepare.

Tuvalu Fisheries Sector Programme, phase 2: Activity Design and MERL Framework, 2020

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