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Teresa Lifuka-Drecala (Tuvalu)

Teresa is a citizen of Fiji as well as Tuvalu, and lives in Funafuti. She is fluent in English,

Fijian and Tuvaluan. Teresa completed a law degree and is studying for a master’s in

business administration at the University of the South Pacific.

Her work experience includes stints at the Tuvaluan High Commission in Suva; the Ministry of Health and the Office of the Attorney General of the Government of Tuvalu; and as Director of the Tuvalu Association of NGOs and now of the Tuvalu Family Health Association.

Teresa is ambitious for the organisations where she works, seeking to increase their

professionalism, strengthen capacity and capability, and extend service delivery - mostly achieved by caring about and investing in her colleagues. Teresa is comfortable dealing with a range of stakeholders, bringing gender and other cultural perspectives to her work and is well organised and able to juggle competing priorities and demands in her busy time.

In her spare time, Teresa can be found playing volleyball on the Funafuti airport runway on a Friday afternoon (government-mandated sports day), at church, or playing favourite aunty to numerous children.

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