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Standard of Service

Future Partners sets clear standards and regularly reviews its performance to provide high quality services. It provides clear information about its services, which will be easily accessible to everyone who needs them. All enquiries and complaints will be dealt with in a prompt and courteous manner. Users of Future Partners services are consulted and their views used to improve our services. These standards are:

1. Responding to correspondence Future Partners will answer all correspondence - including letters and emails - in a prompt and clear manner. Target: Answer all correspondence within five working days.

2. Appointments Future Partners staff and associates will see people punctually when an appointment has been made at its offices or agreed location. Targets: Meet people within 10 minutes of a scheduled appointment.

3. Answering telephone calls Future Partners will answer telephone calls in a fast and helpful manner. Target: Answer calls to designated telephone enquiry points and/or respond to messages within six working hours (9am to 5pm NZT).

4. Information Future Partners will provide clear and straightforward information about its services to help clients find the information needed. Target: A telephone number and email address for enquiries.

5. Complaints procedures Future Partners promptly deals with any complaints. Target: Resolve all complaints within 10 working days.

6. Access of services for all Future Partners will take all reasonable steps to make its services available to everyone, including those with special needs. Target: Consult regularly with users and potential users about the service Future Partners provides, and report on the results to Advisory Board; and implement agreed changes as a result of the consultation.

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