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Sam Jennings of Jennings Consulting Ltd

Sam Jennings is an innovative and creative solutions-oriented lawyer turned legal and

policy consultant and business advisor. Sam’s strength is turning into an organisation’s

business and activities and helping them solve problems, and supporting strategic

change, rather than just providing short-term answers or assistance.

Along with his wife, Sam owns and manages Jennings Consulting Ltd, which provides a range of specialist and general legal and policy consulting services to several long-term international and New Zealand-based clients. In addition, the company provides legal, policy and general corporate support services that cater to organisational needs.

The company has delivered suites of policies and procedures to organisations as part of their organisational strengthening, accountability reporting, governance improvement, and being at the heart of significant shifts in strategic planning. Sam has specialist knowledge in aviation and transport law and policy, with unique insight around drones/remotely piloted aircraft. Sam also specialises in public and administrative law, occupational licensing, regulatory systems, enforcement and

compliance, and information law.

Sam has generalist legal knowledge and experience gained from various in-house roles

and works with international organisations, the private sector and Government agencies in New Zealand (including the Civil Aviation Authority and New Zealand Police). More recently, Sam has also been building his expertise and experience in the local government and governance spaces. Sam is an elected member of the Horowhenua District Council and is on several other governance bodies within his local community.

Sam has extensive experience working in the Pacific region with transport officials and

legal personnel in over ten Pacific states. Sam has worked with New Zealand MFAT and

the World Bank.

When not consulting, Sam is an avid motorsport fan with three young sons he hopes to

encourage to be future Formula 1 champions!

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