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Project Management

Future Partners offers a flexible, bespoke project management service. It is tailored to the needs of individual clients and is available at any stage while they are implementing a project.

Paul Brown with Dairy coop meeting at site of processing plant

Our project management service helps our clients with:

  • project start-up – finding an office and setting up a local company (if offshore), preparing or adapting operations manuals to comply with local conditions and laws, recruiting key staff, mapping suppliers, arranging security assessments, and mobilising incoming international team members

  • planning – preparing the project implementation plan, inception plan, communications plan, risk management plan, security plan, procurement plan and other types of plans required by our client’s donor

  • procuring goods and services for their project, and using their donor’s procurement system

  • complying with their donor’s due diligence requirements

  • setting up the project’s governance and management arrangements (such as terms of reference for governance groups, templates for agendas and meeting reports, and tools to track actions and decisions)

  • involving their project’s stakeholders in monitoring the project and providing feedback on its progress (this includes surveying stakeholders and holding focus group discussions with them)

  • gathering baseline data at the start of the project, so they can monitor change during the project’s lifetime

  • establishing systems to gather, analyse and report on data so that they can monitor the project’s progress

  • setting up systems to report monitoring information to donors so that they can meet their reporting requirements and deadlines

  • using monitoring information to improve and adapt the project while it is being implemented

  • training their staff to develop and use monitoring tools and systems, collect and analyse data, and use data to make project decisions

  • identifying and managing problems, risks and dilemmas that inevitably arise while the project is being implemented

  • identifying options for continued funding of project activities when the project ends

  • Project closedown support – winding up staff and suppler contracts and leases; audit and handover of assets; filing, data cleaning and handover; finalisation of work plans, staff retention incentives and job support; activity completion reporting, lessons learned documentation; office handover and demobilisation of international staff.

Read about how our project management service has helped organisations efficiently and effectively implement their projects.

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