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OFC Just Play Programme

Auckland-based Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) wanted MFAT funding to continue the roll-out of their successful sport for development programme across the Pacific.

Some background first

OFC has delivered an award-winning sport for development programme in the Pacific since 2009. Just Play uses a play-based learning approach to teach concepts linked with healthy lifestyles. Prince William launched Just Play in the Solomon Islands in 2012 and was so impressed that he spent much more time than planned with the kids and delayed his schedule. (It is no mean feat to play soccer in a suit in tropical humidity!) Just Play gets the Royal Seal of Approval - YouTube

Kirsty in Vanuatu with Penama Provinces's OFC Coordinator - Father Albert, 2017

What we did

OFC asked Kirsty to assist them to prepare an application to a New Zealand Aid Programme contestable fund. OFC planned to pilot activities in primary schools throughout Cooks Islands, Fiji, PNG, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga, and Vanuatu.

The application was successful and allowed OFC to extend its programme to Kiribati and expand delivery to include secondary schools and introduce aspects to promote good water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) practices. A plan to respond to humanitarian crises relating to extreme weather events was also supported. This aimed to mitigate disruption to people’s lives and give children a sense of normalcy.

How we did it

Kirsty facilitated workshops to crystallise OFC’s thinking on sustainable international development and the best way to structure the funding application.

OFC was committed to measuring sustained behaviour change, and community engagement and participation that would lead to lasting results. Simple, cost-effective, and practical monitoring tools were designed using standard questions (before, after and six months later) to collect and upload data and record local stories.

What did OFC have to say

We are so grateful to Kirsty for her knowledge of MFAT’s business processes for concept note applications and other connections. She was a true champion for us at all opportunities.

Franck Castillo, General Secretary/CEO at OFC

Oceania Football Confederation: Just Play and Just Play plus programme:

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