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MFAT Maritime Portfolio

The New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) sought assistance to review its portfolio of investments in the maritime sector in the Pacific.

What we did

In 2021 Kirsty Burnett and a team reviewed three separate projects (total value of NZD40 million over 10 years), all implemented under different contracting mechanisms across seven Pacific Island countries and territories, to produce a report that answered the review questions and made recommendations for future investment.

How we did it

Kirsty assembled a multi-disciplinary team of subject matter and MERL experts to interview key informants, including MFAT officials, implementing partners, partner government agencies, regulators, operators, and community groups, using a set of tailored review questions. Lessons were framed into future-focused recommendations.

Given COVID-19 travel restrictions, interviews were undertaken remotely. The reputation and existing relationships that team members had with many informants helped us bridge this communication divide.

Benefit for partners (client)

The implementing partners supported the review, which was practical and could be actioned within MFAT’s new strategic priorities. The team was able to draw on their respective strengths and expertise in the maritime sector to establish relationships with stakeholders and produce a robust review methodology. The report contained well-evidenced recommendations, prepared on time and with minimal oversight.

MFAT’s Pacific Maritime Sector Review, 2021


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