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ChildFund New Zealand has supported the establishment of ChildFund Kiribati and ongoing efforts to mobilise resources and expand programmes.

So when the Asia Development Bank (ABD) sought responses to a tender for community engagement in the WASH sector in Kiribati, ChildFund wanted to apply.

The ADB has a unique process and complex forms to be completed, somewhat daunting for those without previous experience. Kirsty Burnett was engaged to provide direction, help work through methodology, write text and complete forms, identify team members, seek input across the team and ensure overall coherence and quality.

How it was done

Kirsty knows the importance of scrupulously following guidelines and meeting criteria. She knows how to assemble skilled and dynamic teams, fill gaps with qualified personnel, identify other local NGOs and prepare costings; and she supported ChildFund to ask the difficult questions (of itself) and apply the right rigour to the tasks at hand.

There was no time or budget for visiting Kiribati, but Kirsty has been there nearly a dozen times and knows the key players. She’s scoped and led design teams developing WASH projects for MFAT and for UNICEF. So working remotely did not present a major issue.

The benefits for the client

ChildFund NZ submitted a completed RFP on time, and within their own resources for consultancies. It had been a great learning experience, that would stand the team in good stead for future expansion efforts.

So while ChildFund came in 2nd, and was not awarded the contract, the organisation is now on the radar screen for the ADB, and other funders; it’s a serious contender. The team had demonstrated their ability to prepare technical methodology and budgets to an ADB standard. Interestingly the winning bidder has engaged ChildFund for specific assistance; so the organisation has benefited from being a sub-contractor without the overall responsibility and risk of implementing the full contract terms of reference.

What ChildFund had to say

We learned a lot, our team in Kiribati did us proud and Kirsty pulled it all together with us. She really knows how to navigate processes and resources, and provides explanations along the way – the whole experience was very helpful to our organisation.

Quenelda Clegg, former Director of Programmes at ChildFund New Zealand. (Currently with the Fred Hollows Foundation).

ChildFund New Zealand: ADB-funded WASH Community Partnership in Kiribati, 2020


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