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Future Partners is a leading international development consultancy


Future Partners is owned and managed by Kirsty Burnett. Our network of seasoned international development professionals works with donor and development organisation clients to deliver projects that tackle and solve real social problems, make lasting changes, and improve lives and livelihoods.

We help our clients scope, design, fund, plan, implement, review, evaluate, audit, and restructure development projects. We have lifetimes of experience. We love to strategise and design activities that are precisely targeted to the aspirations and budgets of our clients and the needs of project beneficiaries. We enjoy planning activities based on robust designs and building monitoring, evaluation, research and learning (MERL) frameworks.


We are stars at accessing resources for projects. We have implemented projects and know well how to wear multiple hats and spin plates to deliver complex programs while training staff in uncertain conditions with challenging stakeholders. We conduct reviews and evaluations to demonstrate the value of our approaches and measure the impact and overall success of activities. These help us produce better designs, plans, and projects with and for our clients. 

We can field individuals or teams of experts from amongst our Associates and wider network covering multi-disciplines, a range of sectors, and with developing country experiences.

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We are led by Pacific voices - Future Partners translated into our partner country's languages

Ka mua, ka muri (Māori)

Fuja Patnas (Bislama)

Hoa Ngaue he Kaha’u (Tongan)

Mitra Masa Depan (Bahasa Indonesia)

Tovata ni Mataka (Fijian)

Wok Poroman Bilong Bihain Taim (Tok Pisin)

Pa'aga mo le lumana'i (Samoan)

Futuros Sócios (Portuguese)

Fuicha Patna (Pijin)

Reitaki aika Boou

Tau Tuuta Fakafetui ma e Anoiha (Niuean)

Futuros Parceiros (Tetum)

Ben celebrating 40 years of Independence with colleagues in Vanuatu.jpg

Behaviour – changed

At Future Partners, people come first


To create better lives for people in developing countries we work in true partnership with people and communities, and with public and private organisations, non-governmental organisation (NGO) and donors.

Future Partners has an experienced team of Associates who are programming and management experts and subject specialists living and working in New Zealand and the Pacific.

We draw on our Associates and wider networks and project experience to help our clients:

  • Connect with people and organisations doing similar work in Aotearoa New Zealand, and other countries from which they can learn.

  • Connect with people and organisations on the ground in the countries they intend to operate in.

  • Connect with people and organisations across sectors — like health, education, environment, climate change, renewable energy, fisheries, and agriculture — who they can involve in their projects to achieve better results.

  • Connect with people involved in different projects and initiatives with whom they can share experiences.

Meet our team of Associates
Kirsty Burnett with community leader turning on the water tap, Baucau, Timor-Leste, 2015_e

Futures – enables

Future Partners helps organisations make their international development projects succeed

We know it’s hard to design and implement successful projects in developing countries. The
environment is often complicated, and skilled people and resources are in short supply. Future Partners helps you make sense of the complexity, create order from the unknown and
develop coherent plans from what may seem like ambiguity.


We help our clients develop straightforward processes to monitor projects easily, track their progress and adapt systems to stay on course.

Find out more about which of our services is right for you.

Future Partners works with organisations on international development projects in Asia and the Pacific

We work with all types of organisations involved in scoping, designing, planning,
implementing, reviewing, restructuring, or funding international development projects.


Our work ranges from helping clients with one part of their project — such as developing a
proposal — or one element of the project cycle, to supporting clients from inception and
start-up to completion and closedown of a project.


Although most of our work is focused on the Pacific, our team has worked on international
development projects in most sectors worldwide.

Find out about how we’ve helped our clients with their projects.

Future Partners sees its role as empowering organisations to achieve long-
lasting changes that benefit everyone

Our values and beliefs about what’s important to achieve long-lasting changes and improve
people’s lives underpin our work. By working according to our values, Future Partners helps
its clients (be they funders or implementors) to:

  • empower those who can improve the lives of communities

  • design and implement projects that will work in the local environment

  • ensure that the projects will benefit everyone, especially groups that are sometimes
    vulnerable or marginalised

  • continue improving in-country skills to take on bigger and more complex projects in
    future, that are more effective or achieve greater value for money.


Learn about our values and how we incorporate them into our work.

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